Abnormal vehicles frustration residents

Residents Frustrated by Traffic Problems
Residents Frustrated by Traffic Problems

Residents travelling from Kempville or eThandukukhanya have noted that abnormal vehicles are escorted through town either at about 07:30, or around 17:00.

These convoys cause congestion on the N2, as the abnormal vehicles move slowly. They cannot make space on the road for other vehicles to overtake them. These convoys have moved through town on numerous occasions. Residents understand that it is necessary for this to happen. However, they do feel that the times are very inconvenient.

These are the times when everyone is driving to work, dropping their children off at school, or later in the afternoon when driving back home after the day’s activities. People tend to be more rushed and less patient at these times. This results in the abnormal vehicles being a frustration.

According to the Automobile Association of South Africa, public drivers have the responsibility to ensure that they do not obstruct traffic through their actions. Drivers are aware that abnormal vehicles will always obstruct traffic. However, those in charge of the convoys should aim to cause as little obstruction as possible.

Frustration aimed at traffic officers

The frustration of local motorists is increased as this is not the first complaint received about traffic officers. Many residents feel that some traffic officers do not lead by example. They hand out tickets to civilians when they themselves do not obey the rules of the road.

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Complaints include traffic officers disrespecting women and abusing their power when approaching women with a traffic fine. They are also accused of speeding in town without turning on their emergency lights or sirens to alert other drivers of their presence. In addition, they over red lights and stop streets with seemingly no regard for the drivers around them.

Most drivers understand the need for road rules. However, when the officers in charge of enforcing these do not even obey them, they start to question why they should respect the law and structures put in place to maintain order.