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Do not Skip a Stop Street!

A stop street is there for a reason, so by ignoring it and refusing to stop, accidents can easily occur.

On Tuesday afternoon, the 23rd of May, Emergency Services rushed to the scene of an accident that occurred at the corner of Kotze – and Zuidend Street. According to eye witnesses that were present on the scene, the driver of a Ford Ranger was travelling in Zuidend Street and skipped the stop street when his vehicle collided with a SAPS Toyota bakkie, which was underway to the local SAPS office.

Furthermore, witnesses said that the impact was so immense that the Toyota bakkie hit another vehicle (Chevrolet Utility bakkie), travelling in Kotze Street and flipped over on its left side. The Ford Ranger, which is presumed to be at fault, ended up in an open yard across the road where it came to a standstill.

Fortunately, no one sustained any injuries but the whole block was closed off for quite some time to regulate the traffic. At that specific crossing, it is sometimes quite difficult to spot oncoming traffic as vehicles park too close to the crossing and block the visibility, but it goes to show that by taking a chance and not stopping you might be responsible for a major accident which can easily lead to someone being injured or even worse, die. Rather safe than sorry – do not ignore a stop sign!

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