Is Kempville Forgotten?

Is Kempville Forgotten?
Unkept Street in Kempville

For many residents from Kempville, the street behind the Swaziland Wholesalers building and Ayob’s Build it has become a huge problem.

Due to heavy motor vehicles frequently parking on the pavement, the pavement has disintegrated to the point where only sand is left. Where there is ground, rather than sand, the grass is uncut and becoming thick.

The road itself is full of potholes that can only be avoided by zigzag driving across the road. This makes it impossible for two vehicles to pass each other without one of the vehicles driving onto the pavement to allow the other one to pass. The littering, especially behind the Swaziland Wholesalers building, is becoming unsightly and, as the grass is uncut, it leads one to wonder how severe the littering really is beneath all the bushes and overgrown grass.

Even though complaints have been made to the municipality regarding areas that are not looked after, many problems have not been addressed yet.

A concerned resident confirmed to the Excelsior News that the problem has been reported to the municipality and the person responsible said that the issue could not be addressed as his contract has not been renewed and he therefore does not have a vehicle available to do the work. Should residents accept the situation as it is and begin maintaining the public areas surrounding where they work and live themselves?

If this does become necessary, will the expenses be deducted from their municipal accounts or will they have to cover the costs themselves? Or will the municipality make cleaning Kempville up and maintaining the infrastructure a priority?