Mkhondo Cooperative Day

Mkhondo Cooperative Day
Executive Mayor, Cllr Vusi Motha addressed the cooperatives present at the event

On Friday, 5 May, cooperatives from various municipal training programmes were invited to showcase their work at the Mkhondo Cooperative day held at Mall@Mfula.

In order to qualify for this event, the businesses had to be operational and functional. Representatives from the Provincial External Committee attended the function to select a few of these cooperatives who will be granted the chance to showcase their work at the Provincial Cooperative Day.

From there, they stand the chance to be chosen for the National Cooperative Day. The businesses that were represented at the event are from the following sectors: agricultural, manufacturing artwork, toilet paper, furniture, windows and door frames, and sewing. Most sewers, as well as those doing arts and crafts, made traditional artifacts.

Apart from one business, which makes school uniforms, all the sewers had made traditional clothing and especially used bright colours in their work. The ladies doing arts and crafts had beadwork available, as well as bowls and jewelry made from telephone wire. Each person had their own style.

One lady showed a handbag made from an old pair of jeans, and another made a bag from recycled teabags. She does not believe in throwing anything away, and incorporates as much recycled materials into her work as possible. Toilet paper made by six ladies were also available for purchase.

Their brand offers both a recycled and virgin option. There were businesses selling home-grown vegetables, with buckets filled with leafy greens. Two women running a bakery were also present, selling their loafs and buns. Two men had their handmade furniture on display, showing the headboards with matching side tables, as well as cabinets.

The furniture was waxed on site to ensure that everything looked tip-top. This event is held annually and gives small businesses the opportunity to showcase what they have on offer to the community.