Community Members Assist in the Recovery of a Stolen Vehicle

Community Members Assist in the Recovery of a Stolen Vehicle
R. van Rooyen, B.P. Greyling and Capt. Fourie after the operation was completed

As unit Commander, Capt. Louis Fourie would like to thank Mr B.P. Greyling and Mr Raymond van Rooyen for their assistance in tracking a stolen vehicle from Ermelo, that was reported on the 2nd of May.

According to Capt. Fourie, he received the relevant information on Wednesday, the 3rd of May of a Mazda B2500 bakkie that was apparently stolen in Ermelo the previous night. They suspected the vehicle to be in the vicinity of either the Nerston or Mahamba Border Post, somewhere in the plantations. Capt. Fourie, together with Warrant Officer (WO) Nkosi, went out to search for the vehicle by working on coordinates received by Tracker’s Mr van Rooyen.

They searched everywhere, without any success. Mr Greyling, from Wakkerstroom, joined the search by using his private airplane in aid of spotting the vehicle in the plantation from the air. Mr Greyling and Mr van Rooyen were both in the airplane and managed to spot the vehicle that was well hidden in dense bushes.

They could see two suspects still in the vehicle, busy stripping the vehicle down to try and find the Tracker transponder. The villains covered the vehicle with tree branches in an attempt to hide it. Upon arrival at the scene, the suspects were nowhere to be found, as they ran away when they heard the vehicles approaching them. Capt. Fourie seized the vehicle and handed it over to Ermelo SAPS.

The vehicle was indeed reported as stolen under case number 2/5/2017. Without the aid of the airplane, they might have never been able to recover the stolen vehicle. Mr Greyling searched from the air at his own expense and time. Capt. Fourie added that commitment and cooperation from the community in events like these greatly enhance the success of the SAPS in the fight against crime!