Training at K.B. Day Crèche

Training at K.B. Day Crèche
Amanda, Pearl, Sarah and Wendy together with the children from the crèche and the Asidlale boxes they received

Training at K.B. Day Crèche. On Tuesday, the 28th of March, members involved in the training of the Asidlale boxes; Amanda, Pearl, Sarah and Wendy, paid a visit to a crèche on Phillip and Michelle Day’s farm.

The aim of the Day Crèche visit was to hand out Asidlale boxes and train the teacher in how to use the items inside the box. Upon arrival, one would think that the crèche looks quite dilapidated, but to everyone’s surprise, the inside of the crèche tells another story with brightly painted walls which contributes to a joyful atmosphere.

Michelle explained that the crèche is almost 30 years old and was started at around the time that she married Phillip and moved to the farm. Lucy, the senior teacher, has been at the crèche since its inception. It was a wonderful experience to visit this crèche which has been in existence for such a long time.

Training at K.B. Day Crèche
The children enjoyed the ball and catcher demonstration

During the Day Crèche training session, there were a number of children present which was very pleasant as they were able to take part in the training as well. They focused on new crafts which they were not familiar with. The highlight of the day was definitely playing with the play dough and building blocks.

It was interesting to see how many children had excellent ball-sense when it came to playing with the balls and catchers and it was thoroughly enjoyed. The crèche was presented with three Asidlale boxes which will be used for the 12 to 15 children who attend the crèche on a regular basis. They will receive another visit in July or August to replenish their supplies and demonstrate new activities and games.

A warm-hearted thank you to Michelle for the invitation and for allowing them to spend the afternoon with the little ones. Thank you to Sarah and Pearl for helping to make the training session easier by translating into Zulu so that the children and the teacher could understand properly. It was yet again a fun-filled day with lots of laughter and smiling faces all around!