Puma Energy and OK Express Now Open!

Puma Energy and OK Express Now Open!
After The newly renovated, yet modern Puma Energy filling station at the corner of Church and Du Toit Streets

Auto House Piet Retief needs no introduction as the company, formerly known as Piet Retief Motors, has been a trademark since 1945 when it first opened its doors to the community, together with the BP filling station, which has also been part of this business from the beginning.

The company, owned by Mr and Mrs Jones since 2003, received a complete revamp during 2016 and on the 20th of September 2016, the filling station was closed to the public so that renovations could proceed. In the past, the BP filling station did not consist of a convenience shop where customers could buy a quick meal or get something to drink and the owners decided to open an OK Express shop as part of the newly renovated Puma Energy filling station, which replaced the BP filling station.

With quite a few ups and downs during the renovation period, one can safely say that it has been a testing time for the company’s owners. Without any further delay, the Puma Energy filling station and the OK Express officially opened its doors to the public on Friday, the 17th of March. Congratulations with this historic event where a company as old as Piet Retief itself received a spectacular facelift and it is looking fantastic indeed! With all these renovations done, the town is looking modern, yet beautiful again.