Mkhondo Ward Committee Launch

Mkhondo Ward Committee Launch
The Executive Mayor, Honourable Cllr. V.M

Community members were recently invited to attend a function where they had the opportunity to nominate candidates for all 19 wards of Mkhondo to represent the different wards as a Ward Committee Member.

They will be serving as a spokesperson between the community and the Ward Councillor. Meetings will be held once a month between the Ward Councillor and the various Ward Committee Members to discuss any grievances or problems concerning the different wards. Each ward consists of a Ward Councillor and 10 Ward Committee Members who will focus on complaints from community members in their repective wards.

During this prestigious event, numerous parties were involved and invited to attend the announcement of all the members of the different committees. A spokesperson from COGTA (Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs) attended the function as well and mentioned that they will be working hand-in-hand with the Committee Members and would like to thank them for taking on this responsibility and serving the community.

A spokesperson from the Gert Sibande District, dealing with public participation in the Gert Sibande District, congratulated the appointed members and wished them the best of luck. The Executive Mayor, Honourable Cllr. V.M. Motha delivered a very insightful speech where he thanked the CDW’s for working with him in harmony.

He emphasised that the community should stop being lazy and told the audience that they are not working for their loved ones but for the Mkhondo community at large. To create the perfect leadership, respect for one another and an orderly manner is of the utmost importance. Honourable Cllr. V.M. Motha also mentioned that teamwork should be a priority.

The different Ward Committee Members should go out and design a profile of unemployment and all other matters pertaining to their different wards. The members were encouraged to work with the office of the Speaker and the Mayor of Mkhondo will attend to matters through this channel.

Being selected as a Ward Committee Member does not give certain political parties an advantage as the launch of this initiative is not about politics at all but about serving the community of Mkhondo. Thank you to everyone who was involved in the planning, co-ordinating and presentation of the successful event.

This is surely a first for Mkhondo but with initiatives like these, the Mkhondo District cannot go wrong with a positive outlook on future issues and unresolved matters that will be handled with professionalism, yet in a friendly and courteous manner. Congratulations to each individual who was appointed as a Ward Committee Member.

May you go from strength to strength and set an excellent example for the ward you represent. The Excelsior News together with Mkhondo Municipality are awaiting a complete list of the different Committees Members’ relevant information, including their contact numbers. Once the Public Notice is received, it will be published in the Excelsior News.