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Health Week at Piet Retief Primary

Piet Retief Primary School hosted a Health Week programme during the week of 4 – 8th March and members from the Dietetic Department of Piet Retief Hospital paid a visit to inform and educate the learners.

The presentation was about sugar and it entailed the amount of sugar found in certain popular lunchbox snacks. The audience consisted of the grade 1-3 classes, both English as well as the Afrikaans learners. Most of the time, children tend to choose snacks from the tuck shop without knowing how much sugar they are allowed to eat.

The amount of sugar in each snack was presented in teaspoons and the children were amazed to see how much sugar they actually consume when they eat these snacks. Sugar itself is not unhealthy, but it is the amount that we consume that causes health risks. The key-message was that we are allowed to eat sugary items, but not excessively.

For children, the daily allowance of sugar is not more than 6-9 teaspoons and this can easily be exceeded by choosing the wrong snack to eat. There is a wide variety of low-sugar snacks available and they should be included in a child’s lunchbox. Examples such as fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, biltong (with little or no fat), eggs, Provitas and healthy bread were discussed.

Healthy snacks will improve a child’s concentration levels and boost their immune system, which will lead to fewer visits to the doctor and more effective teaching sessions. The Dietetic Department of Piet Retief Hospital would like to thank Piet Retief Primary School for affording them the opportunity to promote healthy eating habits.

Also, the staff members, teachers and learners would like to thank the visitors for giving them an insightful presentation and explaining to the children that by choosing healthy food, they will have a healthy life.

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