Community Skills Training

Community Skills Training
Wendy McSeveney, showing the ladies how to use the items in the box

Recently, members from Eucaforest (Pty) Ltd instated a community skills training course where ladies have the opportunity to learn handcrafts in aid of sustaining a feasible income for themselves.

The concept of the ladies workshop is for delegates from the community to register at Eucaforest and attend the workshops, which will be held once or twice per week. The Euca crochet team (who are currently receiving training) will be at the workshops and will help to train the women attending.

The women will be taught new skills to help them realise that they can do things by hand for themselves and their families and to encourage them to do something for an income as well. Ideally, the products are handmade by the people from the respective communities and then, in accordance with specific standards of quality, the products will be sold either locally or online to people to whom the products will be shipped.

The products will be personalised by means of a material tag which will be sewn onto the product and the tag will show the individual’s name, handwritten by themselves. Perfect timing indeed as the winter season is lurking on the horizon. Beanies are popular amongst most cultures and can easily progress into a variety of hats once the basic skills are learned.

The classes will also proceed with scarves and gloves and projects where groups will crochet for underprivileged children from the surrounding communities. Eucaforest will always aim to not only teach but also to instill, as change needs to resonate from inside of each individual. By these means, opportunities are not only created but support is also shown to community members. Winter – you better watch out, from this year forward, the frost will be beaten. “Qhubekela Phambili” (moving forward)