Asidlale Boxes Cause Great Excitement

Asidlale Boxes Cause Great Excitement
The children enjoyed playing with the balls and catchers outside

The Asidlale Box project in Mkhondo is currently going strong as two boxes were delivered on Wednesday, the 15th of March.

As mentioned in an article published on the 10th of February, the Asidlale box (ECD – meaning early childhood development), is an educational project where community members have the opportunity to partake in making up boxes containing various items such as magazines, beanbags, play dough, building blocks and much more, in aid of assisting underprivileged children.

Community members involved in this project visited a farm outside Amsterdam on Wednesday, to give training to two ladies residing on the farm and who are currently taking care of about 11 children. Merriet and Sonto welcomed them with open arms and were very excited to see what these boxes contain. Luckily enough, all the children were present and they had firsthand experience of how the Asidlale boxes work.

The ladies were each presented with a box and they were eager to learn about everything inside the box so that they will be able to help the children and educate them. Soon the children were running outside and doing exercises while laughing and singing. The children were very excited as well and started to cut and paste, making craft necklaces and bracelets out of strings.

They enjoyed drawing pictures, playing with dough and also had loads of fun with the counters (which are made from plastic bottle lids). During the month of July, the ladies will receive another visit from the program members to fill the Asidlale boxes with more stock as well as new, interesting games and activities for the children to do.Thank you to Isabel and Erik Naude for inviting Wendy and Amanda from AGS Fontana and for allowing them to work with the ladies on their farm.

Thank you to Kate, Isabel’s right hand on the farm, for her assistance in translating in Zulu during the training session. The Asidlale (which means “let’s play”) Box, is indeed making a huge difference in countless children’s lives and the involved parties are working hard at finishing as many boxes as they possibly can to provide even more children with the opportunity to play and learn at the same time. If you are interested in joining this initiative or would like to receive some more information regarding the programme, kindly contact Wendy Mc- Seveney on 072 507