Uzwelo Thanks NCT

Uzwelo Thanks NCT
Mr Carr from NCT Forestry, together with staff members and children from Uzwelo

The staff and children from Uzwelo Child and Youth Care Centre would like to thank NCT Foresty Cooperative Limited for the partnership with the children’s home for a number of years now.

NCT Forestry has been taking part in an Educational Drive where they give out stationery and school uniform donations to numerous institutions, mainly situated in KwaZulu-Natal. About seven years ago, they started a partnership with Uzwelo due to the fact that a lot of their timber suppliers are situated in and around the Mkhondo area.

The partnership evolved when Uzwelo’s library was officially opened and the late Mrs Curle used to visit the children’s home to read books to the orphaned children. NCT Forestry has also started to invest in sporting equipment because they believe that being active and taking part in sporting activities play a key role in the development of a child.

It is of the utmost importance for childen residing at a children’s home to feel that they belong in society. By lending a hand with donating school wear and stationery, will have a positive effect on the child because they will not be victimized at school for being different and they will feel that they fit in as well.

Children residing at Uzwelo are attending about 10 different schools in the surrounding area and also two schools out of town. For 2017, all the children were supplied with their necessary school uniforms and all required stationery. NCT Forestry is currently the sole provider to Uzwelo when it comes to school equipment, stationery and clothing, but recently, the company decided to participate in the fun side of education as well!

NCT Forestry has sponsored a bus to accommodate and transport 70 children, who will be leaving for the annual Durban trip, from the 3rd – 10th of April. Man a gemen t , care workers, volunteers and the children will all be attending the Durban trip and the excitement is running high!

Uzwelo would like to thank Jeremy Carr, from NCT Forestry for the continued involvement in the children’s home and for sustaining an excellent partnership and relationship. Thank you for investing in the children’s home and helping it to move from strength to strength.