Rubbish Dump a.k.a Harmony Park


Harmony Park became a popular topic for all the wrong reasons because it seems to be the perfect residential area for people to dispose of their rubbish.

On numerous occasions, Harmony Park was mentioned in the Excelsior News because of rubbish dumps around every corner – well, this time is no different as more photos were sent in by a concerned resident. The photos were taken a short distance from each other where not one, but four dumping sites are evident!

Two heaps of rubbish were spotted next to a small shop selling food, another disgusting dumping site is right next to the post office and another one in front of Mr. Fakude’s vegetable garden. The dumps are growing by the day and have been like this for the past two weeks. This can cause a major health risk to residents and animals not to mention the terrible smell lingering in the air and the flies that are increasing by the minute.

Is there any possible way that large rubbish bins could be placed in strategic areas? This will make it easier for residents who do not have transportation to the local refuse dump to discard of their rubbish bags. Four different dumping sites – all in one street Correspondence has been sent through to the municipality and a response is currently awaited.

The fact of the matter is, no one is supposed to live in such disgusting conditions like this and action needs to be taken immediately! If an individual dumps his rubbish on the street, it does not mean that everyone should follow suit! Is it not the community members’ own responsibility to keep the area they stay in clean? Stop dumping your rubbish anywhere you find fit to do so and discard of your refuse bags in the appropriate manner!