Piet Retief JKA Karateka excel

Piet Retief JKA Karateka excel
Provincial Championships Piet Retief Dojo Medal Winners

Eight competitors from the Piet Retief JKA Dojo participated under Northern KwaZulu- Natal JKA and have all qualified to represent Natal Karateka in the SA JKA Championships later this year in May.

The Natal JKA Provincial Championships were held in Pinetown on Saturday, 18 February, where 87 karateka from Northern Kwa- Zulu-Natal JKA competed against other regions from Natal JKA, bringing home an astounding 104 medals.

The following karateka achieved a place in the top three in their respective divisions: Suné Els achieved gold in both Kata and Kumite; Stefan Potgieter received silver in Kata and bronze in Kumite; Monique Potgieter and Xagorr Naude both received bronze in Kumite; Suné Greef got gold in Kata and silver in Kumite; Karl Schutte received silver in Kata and bronze in Kumite and Dwane Strecker received bronze in both Kata and Kumite.

Dylan McManus qualified for the SA JKA Championship. We are very proud of these wonderful achievements and thank the karateka for their diligence, hard work and impeccable performances both on and off the floor. To all the coaches, Sensei, and managers who performed their duties and tasks with vigour and determination, thank you for a job well done.

We also want to congratulate Sensei Johan Swart who qualified as National JKA Ring Controller, and Sensei Nazir Hoosen and Sensei Shani Mason who both qualified as National JKA Judges on the same weekend.