Astonishing testimony at Fontana Church

Margaret Janeke, Fontana Church
Margaret Janeke, together with learners from Amsterdam Primary School during her visit on Tuesday, the 28th of February

Margaret Janeke, founder of the Bound Programme, visited Piet Retief and gave an astonishing testimony on Sunday, the 26th of February, at the AGS Fontana Church.

According to a recent Fontana Church statement during a teacher and student’s ministry conference, Margaret mentioned that she spent her entire life in education and completed a Master’s Degree in Education in Auckland, New Zeeland.

She also achieved a Doctorate in Education but no means of study could prepare her for her current calling – only a journey of suffering and endurance could. Margaret talked about her life’s journey and tears were starting to pool in the eyes of the congregation.

She explained in detail an attempted murder on her family, about 11 years ago – which was initiated by her domestic worker’s son. She gave the audience an inside look into her family’s lives and told them about the journey of her son’s addiction and her husband’s horrible illness. She definitely had her fair share of brokenness in her family and it can become very easy to say, “Life sucks and God is dead” but on the contrary, a person needs to go back to the beginning and proclaim that it is our stewardship and the choices we make that sucks.

Furthermore, Margaret expressed that the biggest cause of suffering in this world is because of Pride and Arrogance. People will never be able to answer all the “why” questions but we can surely choose our attitude towards the struggles we face daily. “Miracles would be so much easier and we could go back to our old life, our comfort zones,” she explained.

Two of the most powerful choices a person needs to make during tiring times is to choose love and forgiveness – even when it feels impossible to do so. To be able to endure tough times, a person needs to sacrifice, submit, surrender and be obedient to God.

In Genesis 1:28 it says; “Now I give you control, stewardship, authority and responsibility over all of creation. And again in Deut. 30:15- 18, “I give you the choice between life and death.” What have become of the humankind?

How did we manage our stewardship thus far? The time has come for all of us to have a good look at the authority that has been given to us and start to repair the brokenness that our pride and arrogance caused the people around us. Margaret visited some schools throughout the week in and around Piet Retief.

Learners, teachers and staff members from schools such as Piet Retief Primary School, Amsterdam Primary School, Piet Retief High School and Marantha School had the fortunate opportunity to meet her and listen to her testimony.

We are all disabled in some way. We are all imperfect in some way but this is not the end. Our circumstances are not the end. We can overcome all in hope, faith and above all love. We can endure and we are able to never give up. – Margaret Janeke