Children’s Advocacy Campaign

Children’s Advocacy Campaign in Iswepe
The children and stakeholders who attended the campaign

Children’s Advocacy Campaign in Iswepe. On Monday, 27 February, the Department of Social Development conducted an Advocacy Awareness Campaign for Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres.

The parents seem to not understand the need for children to be taken to ECD centres, thus the Children’s Advocacy Campaign was aimed at empowering them on this aspect.

The Social Workers and Social Auxiliary Workers realized that the area of Iswepe has a large number of children who are roaming around the streets at a time when they should be in ECD centres.

There is also a high rate of child abuse in the area of which some cases are not reported, so the Children’s Advocacy Campaign also addressed the importance of ensuring that children are protected from any sort of abuse.

There were a variety of stakeholders stressing the point of protecting our young ones, i.e. Department of Health (Iswepe Clinic), Home Affairs, Disaster and Fire management, Traffic, GRIP and also our ward 4 C.D.W’s. Among the activities for the day was a fun-run, with the starting point at the main road of Iswepe, from the sub-way to the community hall.

The children also recited poems and drew pictures. Various stakeholders had presentations informing the children and their parents about the services provided by different departments. We would like to extend our gratitude to the ECD centre representatives who participated ensuring that the event was a success.