Alpha & Omega Athletic Day

The athletics day was enjoyed by everyone who attended

Every cloud has its silver lining and it was quite evident as learners, supporters and teachers from Alpha & Omega School arrived at the school gates in various colours and with great anticipation of what was to happen during the day.

A positive energy could be felt as the learners challenged their teachers – all in the spirit of sportsmanship. Teachers eagerly shared photos on whatsapp groups of inspirational words written on their bathroom mirrors.

The beauty of how sports unite people from diverse backgrounds was also evident on the faces of the teachers from different ethnic backgrounds as they erected the tents of the different houses with smiles and laughter as they were confused by the diagrams for setting up the gazebos, like children battling to put a puzzle together.

As soon as everything was ready, the ceremony commenced with prayer and the junior phase was called to start the competition. Confusion could be read on the faces of the Grade R’s since they did not even know what they had to do and why they should, which was the funniest part of the day for the starting line officials.

Every learner gave it their all as they eagerly wanted to be recognised and represent the school in Amsterdam. The excitement around the field was evident when the last whistle blew as the teachers and parents were called to the starting line to compete. The moment of truth finally arrived when Mr Lundie announced the winners of the event.

The blue house were victorious as they obtained more medals than the other houses and the red house won the spirit trophy as they appeared to be an united front in cheering for their athletes. The proverb that goes, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” has reference.

The most humbling experience when the school’s top officials were seen out of office to support the school’s day of athletics. Mr Musoke and Mrs Naidoo were seen helping to pick up litter with school staff members, teachers and learners after the athletics day.