Mkhondo Municipality cleaning up the mess

Mkhondo Municipality cleaning up the mess
Thank you for putting in an effort to clean up the mess that the people created

A huge thank you goes out to Mkhondo Municipality for cleaning up the mess underneath the bridge in Tosen Street!

An article in the Excelsior News, dated the 27th of January, stated that the situation underneath the above mentioned bridge is a total disgrace with rubbish scattered everywhere and overgrown vegetation spoiling the scenery. Mkhondo Municipality’s communications department was contacted and asked for assistance in cleaning up the area, in which they responded immediately.

On Monday, the 30th of January, members from the municipality were hard at work and a pile of bags were already filled by early morning. Not only were they busy cleaning up underneath the bridge, but they were also busy cutting the grass and making the field respectable again – all this were done, with smiles on their faces! Other areas are also being attended to. Municipal workers have been spotted in the field next to Retief Street where the grass was also being cut on Monday, the 30th of January.

The community needs to bear in mind that we, as the community members, are the eyes and ears of our local municipality. Why can’t we take hands and work together on issues and problems? Being polite will cost you nothing and by reporting a matter like this one in a friendly, yet professional manner, will ensure that the situation will be attended to.