Leadership service

leadership service
Photo 1 - Learners from Piet Retief High School who attended the service

On Sunday, the 29th of January, learners from a variety of schools attended a leadership service, hosted at AGS Fontana in Piet Retief.

Piet Retief High – as well as Piet Retief Primary School, Alpha and Omega School and Maranatha School’s learners attended the service, which was led by Pastor Riaan de Bruyn. The theme of the service was “Raise your white flag” – which means that a person needs to surrender in order to be able to serve as a leader.

Following the Lord and obeying His rules, to set a good example for others, to assure people of what they are worth and to ground yourself on the right foundation are valuable key points to remember when presenting yourself as a leader. F – follow L – lead by example A – assure people of their worth G – ground on the right foundation Humble yourself before the Lord and He will lift you up – James 4:10