Disturbing state of streams

Disturbing state of streams
Rubbish piles are leaving a terrible stench in the air underneath the bridge in Tosen Street

It is quite disturbing to see in what state the stream underneath the bridge in Tosen Street is, it is actually disgusting, not to mention the terrible smell in the air!

In a previous edition of the Excelsior News (dated 1 July 2016), it was reported that the rubbish and overgrown vegetation truly are a disappointing sight but it seems that it is even worse now. For community members who live, walk or run in the area, the smell is unbearable.

Rubbish bags are thrown everywhere and one can easily see how polluted the stream of water is. The relevant department at Mkhon-do Municipality has been contacted to ask for assistance in cleaning up the area, though it is unfortunate that we, as a community, rely on the services they have to render to clean up a mess that the people themselves created!

A kind request to community members – please make use of the refuse dump when disposing of your rubbish. Do not litter in public parks, fields or any other area. The rubbish you leave there might not make an impact on your life whatsoever, but before you throw your bag over the edge of the bridge – think about the animals who might ingest and even die because of some of your rubbish!

Even worse, think about the water that you are busy polluting and the plants that are being destroyed. You are slowly killing the town’s beautiful scenery!