Repairs Finally Completed

Repairs Finally Completed
Repairs Finally Completed

During the first few weeks of December 2016, municipal workers were spotted digging a hole at the corner of Kotze – and Measroch Street to do some repairs.

The repairs were done and the hole was covered, but the bricks that form a part of the road were not returned. As the rain fell, the soil used to cover the hole, washed away, creating a ditch.

On Friday, 6 January, a part of Kotze Street was blocked off as municipal workers were yet again at work digging a hole and doing repairs on the same place. Repairs were done and the hole was yet again covered with soil, but the bricks that formed part of the road, were still left on the side.

On Monday, 9 January, municipal workers finally returned to the hole to complete the repairs. Residents will be happy to see that this huge hole is finally covered. However, it seems that the road has been filled with cement and the original paving bricks have not been returned.

So seeing as these bricks are left unused now, can it be collected for personal use, or will the municipality find use for it elswhere? It’s great to see that the repairs have been completed – even if it is quite a while after it had been started!