Poor Service Delivery

Poor Service Delivery
The Ford Laser that was stolen from its owners property

Poor Service Delivery – A frustrated and disappointed community member recently complained about poor service delivery from the local SAPS when their vehicle got stolen in the early hours of Saturday, the 24th of December.

Geraldene Kruger confirmed that their vehicle, a blue Ford Laser, was stolen from their yard between 02:00 – 04:00.

They immediately phoned the local SAPS office and reported the matter. About an hour later, the police arrived to take their statements and informed them that the day shift will get back to them as they are going off shift now and will not be able to search for the stolen vehicle at that stage. At about 9 o’clock the following morning, no one from the SAPS office had contacted them as yet.

They decided to phone the SAPS office and they were informed that the person who was supposed to log them into the system was not available at the moment so they would still not be able to search for the stolen vehicle. The family took matters into their own hands and posted on social media about their stolen vehicle. During that day, the vehicle was found and they phoned the SAPS again to inform them.

Shockingly, the officer informed them that they must come and collect them from the local police station and leave the stolen car alone. The vehicle was found in a plantation behind the family’s residence and they were not able to leave it there as they were afraid that the criminal will return to collect the vehicle.

The family took their car home and left the situation as is. On Christmas day, the owner received an SMS stating that the car was now registered as stolen and that someone would be assigned to the case who would be in contact with them. Needless to say, no telephone call had been received by the 26th of December.

On Tuesday, the 27th of December, the family went to the local SAPS office and were informed that they should rather return after the long weekend, because they will not be able to assist them at that stage. The family got hold of a detective who was willing to remove their vehicle from the stolen vehicles list.

According to the detective, the police officers were supposed to take fingerprints immediately and go out to look for the vehicle. Luckily, this family was able to get their vehicle back quickly, but it is definitely not the case in many incidents. If the police officers went to search for the vehicle immediately, maybe they would have caught the criminal in the act