Poor Service Delivery Continues!

Poor Service Delivery Continues!
The vehicle of which a window was broken to be able to steal a handbag!

Poor Service Delivery Continues! As residents of Mkhondo, we expect law enforcement to be of the highest standards and always ready for action, however, this doesn’t always seem to be the case.

On Thursday, 12 January, Miss A. Nel and Mr P. Minnie had a horrible day after their vehicle was broken into at 9A West End Street, between 07:00 and 07:20 during the morning. Mr Minnie left the house just before 07:00 to head out to work, followed by Miss Nel at about 07:20, when she then discovered that the vehicle’s window had been broken and her handbag missing.

Worst of all is that this happened in an apartment complex, during broad daylight and no one had noticed anything. Neighbours in the complex took them to the police station, where they then opened a case of theft. According to Miss Nel, they were told not to move or touch the vehicle as the police needed to take fingerprints.

They had to wait for a case number via sms and the police would then investigate. At about 12:00 they had yet to receive any word from the police and phoned the station. The officer at the station apparently said the person who is responsible for fingerprints was busy and would come by later.

By 16:00 there was still no response from the police and Mr Minnie then decided to take the vehicle and get the window repaired, as it could not be left like that overnight. Shockingly, the police only contacted Miss Nel on Friday, 13 January, at about 15:00.

However, it seems that there was a bit of confusion at the police station, as the phone call was to ask Miss Nel if she would like to open a case, seeing that they thought Miss Nel had only reported it the previous day and still nothing had been done about the matter. This is the second time that news has come to light about poor service delivery from the SAPS.

Although these are just cases of theft, one begs to ask – If something worse might happen, will the police come to a person’s aid then? Yet there is a lesson to learn – Don’t leave valuable possessions in your vehicle, worst of all in plain sight. By doing so, one is simply creating the temptation for someone to break in and steal it!