The July Mashego story

July Mashego
July’s Story

July Mashego is a selfless man, determined to give back to his community by means of tutoring children after school and over weekends regarding chess, athletics and tugof- war games.

July resides in the Ehlanzeni District of Mpumalanga, approximately 150 km from Mkhondo. He has been an Old Mutual employee for the past 19 years and was awarded with Most Extraordinary Staff Volunteer Energiser in the company’s programme for 2016.

He received a cash prize from Old Mutual to the value of R20 000-00. Mr Mashego used his prize money to purchase equipment for the club he started, named Definition Club, where children partake in multi-code athletics and chess.

His programmes run after school hours and over weekends. Currently, July has over 200 children from the community and its surrounding areas. The club is creating an environment where children are learning about teamwork, skills and a sense of belonging to a healthy community, while connecting to the discipline of sport.

Some of the athletes have already been participating in different competitions, both nationally and abroad. The chess team, for example, has travelled to India – definitely an experience those children will cherish forever!

This was all made possible by the funding that July initiated. Being a long distance runner himself, he was privileged to participate in numerous marathons across South- Africa. Mr Mashego is now focussed on upgrading the practise facilities and equipment for his Definition Club to accommodate even more learners and to make sporting champions out of them.

”The true value of this project is assisting in the decrease of crime within the community; the aim is to create an environment of learning and to assure the children with a sense of positivity and commitment towards greater good. This will impact their lives as they grow into adults” – July Mashego Would it not be great to have more angels like July walking among all of us to help uplift our children?