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Excitement hit the roof when news came to light of the first mall opening in Mkhondo.

Construction started in November 2015 and for the past 12 months, community members waited anxiously for the Grand Opening that took place on Thursday, 24 November. It was a spectacular day, with community members flooding to the mall. Live performances were done by Kwestra, Franja du Plessis and Simon Bruinders (MC on the day), to entertain the masses, as well as great opening specials were up for grabs! No one dared to miss out on this historical day.

Why is the mall called Mall@Mfula? For those who wonder, the meaning of the name is “Mall at the River” – which is the perfect name, considering the area in which the mall is situated. A total of 35 stores officially opened their doors on 24 November, ranging from clothing stores to cellphone shops and a supermarket.

Some of these stores are also the first of their kind in Mkhondo. Residents were like bees in a beehive, NOW OPEN! all over the place, with no space for a mouse to move. A staggering total of about 12 000 to 14 000 people visited the mall on the opening day.

Not only is this a huge attraction for Mkhondo but it is also a major financial boost to the community, with an estimate of about 500 jobs that were also created for local individuals from Mkhondo as proclaimed by Mr Dlamini (Owner of Mall@Mfula).

He also mentioned another 500 people were employed by means of maintenance, security and other sectors. This brings the total job creation figure to an estimate of about 1 000! As Mr Dlamini explained, the reason for opening a mall in Mkhondo is because residents find it quite difficult to purchase specific items due to the fact that the town has limited shops at their disposal, which means that people normally have to travel to other towns to purchase items that they need.

Honourable Cllr V. Motha (Executive Mayor), MMC’s, MEC’s and Councillors were also in attendance, with the Executive Mayor officially opening the mall and giving an encouraging speech – one could see that he was proud of this major achievement.

The opening of the Mall@Mfula could not have come at a better time as the Festive Season is lurking and community members will be able to do their Christmas shopping without having to travel to other towns. Seven more shops are set to open their doors by early 2017 and the food court by April 2017.

The shops listed are not the only shops to open, as new franchises are still a possibility for the future. A second phase of the mall is also part of the plan, meaning that the mall would grow over time, something to definitely look forward to!

Hopefully the Mall@Mfula will expand and add many more new attractions to accommodate the local residents. The growth of the mall could possibly ensure more job creation, which will provide even more economical growth, keeping the residents off the streets and also creating a chance to lower the crime rate as explained by Mr Dlamini.

We are all excited to see what will happen next – one thing is for sure, the Mall@Mfula is here to stay and will definitely be the biggest attraction for Mkhondo for many years to come! Christmas Deco Available Shopping for Christmas Gifts?

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