Expired Food Confiscated

Expired Food
Expired Food

The biggest find? – Expired stock marked down, so customers can quickly purchase these items and clear the stock from the stores.

During the past two weeks, Mr Khumalo and the Department of Health’s officials have removed three bakkie loads of expired stock from four stores in Amsterdam and four more bakkie loads of stock from eight stores in Piet Retief.

How many times has one rushed to a store to buy a food item that has been marked down, with prices so cheap that no-one can resist?

Well residents should be scared when they find out what the real truth is behind some stores’ markdowns! However, it is not always the case. Mr Themba Khumalo (Mkhondo Trade Officer), together with the Environmental Health Department, have been hard at work, going through items sold in stores in Mkhondo.

Making a total of seven loads from 12 stores! With items like juice, yogurt, canned food and worst of all baby products, like milk and purity sold on special and the scariest part of it all – the expiry dates range from 2013 to 2015!

Residents are warned to keep an eye on the expiry dates when purchasing items, although a week or two is still considered as fine, two to three years on the other hand is not. Items such as these can make one very sick and for babies, it could mean a death sentence. So the next time you rush to purchase an item offered as a special, read the fine print first, not all of the savings are what they seem.