Piet Retief’s First Wattle Combat Race

Wattle Combat

On Saturday, 22 October, 328 participants took part in the Wattle Combat Race, hosted by TWK.

There was the option of the 4 km Gum Run or the 10 km Black Wattle Race. The 4 km Gum Run cconsisted of a total of seven obstacles and was mainly for teams to enjoy and have some fun, whereas the 10 km Black Wattle Race was more for the true warriors, containing 14 obstacles. Most of the participants took on the 4 km Gum Run as it was their first race and they wanted to see what it was all about, however, after completion, almost all of them took on the 10 km Black Wattle race as well.

The 4 km Gum Run was great fun and everyone who participated said that they truly enjoyed it. The 10 km Black Wattle Race was more gruelling, but the warriors still enjoyed it as well. The course was filled with water points, sponsored by various businesses, ensuring that the participants had enough to drink. Although the race was mainly for fun and entertainment, there had to be winners as well.

Awards were given to the three fastest finishers and the teams with the best spirit. The winners were as follows: 4 km Gum Run: 1st place – Masibulele Ndelebele (23.34 min) 2nd place – Albert Schoeman (24.44 min) 3rd place – Wandie Mhlongo (25.28 min) Best Team – Gonzales 10 km Black Wattle: 1st place – Erica McManus (58.07 min) 2nd place – Steph de Toit (58.10 min) 3rd place – Michael van der Linde (1h 05min) Best Team – Assegaaiers

Congratulations to each and every participant and a huge thank you to the organisers of the event, it was truly enjoyed by all. The organisers would also like to thank all the sponsors on the day, without them it would not have been a reality. We are all looking forward to hopefully participate in any exciting future events like these.