Mkhondo’s Public Parks in Question

Mkhondo’s Public Parks in Question
Mkhondo’s Public Parks in Question

The parks in Mkhondo have recently raised some questions as municipal workers were spotted on Friday, the 28th of October, where they were busy cutting down the poles surrounding the park in Public Parks Crescent, east and west of Church Street.

Community members and the Executive Mayor, Honourable Cllr V. Motha had a meeting on Monday, the 31st of October at the Town Hall, to discuss the matter. Members from the community had the opportunity to raise questions as to why the fences are being taken down and they explained to the Mayor their reasons pertaining to the erection of the poles.

In the past, before the fences were put up, people used to vandalise the parks by means of abusing alcohol and having parties with load music. Also, keep in mind that these parks do not have toilet facilities which also became a concern for residents staying in the surrounding areas.

The Executive Mayor, Honourable Cllr V. Motha, then addressed the audience by stating that the removal of the fences will be placed on hold until all the relevant facts are gathered and he is able to make an informed decision. He also added that he will provide feedback on the matter at a later stage.

Once the Executive Mayor has made his decision regarding the matter of the parks, it will be published in the Excelsior News to supply the necessary information regarding the parks to all the readers.