Local runners participate in Golden Gate Challenge

Local runners participate in Golden Gate Challenge

The Golden Gate Challenge is a 3-day track and trail run through some of the most rugged yet scenic mountains of the Free State, situated in the Golden Gate Highlands National Park.

The race traverses through restricted parts of the reserve rarely seen by the public, like Little Serengeti, Cathedral Caves and many other hidden gems within the park. Participants cover just over 70 km in 3 days, but the race should not be judged by its distances, as it is a true endurance challenge offering great rewards, but that means conquering big mountains and high altitudes.

This year’s event was held from Friday the 21st to Sunday the 23rd of October and four of our local Assegaai Marathon Club runners participated. Jan van Vreden and Werner Peters shared the same times in 04:04, 04:17 and 02:13 over the 27 km, 29 km and 17 km stages. This was followed by Mario García Gonzáles with 04:38, 04:38 and 02:19.

Leana Aslett, the only female Assegaai participant, completed the course with an excellent 05:01, 05:21 and 03:06. Maybe some more local participants can be inspired? For more information on these excellent events hosted under the Wildseries name, visit their webpage on www.wildseries.co.za