VLU-Day Branch Activities


VLU-Day – Janet Flanner once quoted: “In the history of art, there are periods when bread seems so beautiful, that it nearly gets into museums.”

Who can resist the enticing aroma of freshly baked bread? This was exactly what the ladies from the VLU-day branch were welcomed with when they arrived at Sonja du Toit’s house on Monday, the 19th of September, for their monthly meeting. During the opening of the proceedings the ladies were encouraged to use their valuable time wisely as it is of short living and noone can go back in time.

After the agenda was discussed, Sonja gave them a few tips and hints on bread baking. They even got the chance to taste different types of bread, all baked from one basic bread recipe. The end products such as focaccia (a flat bread, similar to a pizza base) with feta-, fig and peppadew-, braided basil, pesto and olive breads were all to die for. There are so many different types of bread a person can bake from one basic recipe by only adding additional ingredients. A tomato pesto and sundried tomato crusted bread or a marmite and cheese rolled bread, the choices are endless.

Women Agriculture Union

Even breadsticks or something for a sweet-tooth such as cinnamon buns can be baked from a basic recipe. Afterwards, the ladies enjoyed a cup of coffee while sharing their own bread stories. The next meeting will be held on Monday, the 17th of October at the Green Door and they invite everyone who might be interested in joining the VLU-day branch. For further enquiries, please contact Helena on 082 573 4922. “Look for the beautiful in a person.”