Personal Hygiene Prevents Disease Outbreaks

Personal Hygiene Prevents Disease Outbreaks
Personal Hygiene Prevents Disease Outbreaks

The outbreaks of dangerous diseases is becoming a concerning factor due to the drought we are currently facing and the consequential lack of personal hygiene, using water.

People tend to neglect paying attention to personal hygiene due to this concerning factor. It is of the utmost importance to maintain a good personal hygiene routine to prevent the outbreaks of diseases that may occur. The Department of Health provided some tips to remember when it comes to one’s personal hygiene.

  • Always wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap to prevent germs entering the body, mainly before eating and cooking, after using a toilet or handling rubbish and also when working with poisonous chemicals.
  • The correct use of sanitation is very important. Safely dispose of baby nappies by using litter bags and not toilets. Make use of a toilet rather than the outdoors. In the event of a person contracting diarrhoea, boil one litre of water with eight levelled teaspoons of white/ brown sugar and half a teaspoon of salt. Let it cool down and let the infected person drink the solution. It can be used for adults as well as children. Other hygienic factors to keep in mind is the safety of your food.
  • Always try to keep your food covered and separate raw food from cooked meals.
  • It is very important to always wash your food utensils with warm water and soap.
  • Remember to always check the labelling on food containers to make sure of the expiry dates. Do not make use of expired food.
  • Refrigerate food that is necessary to be kept cool. There are cases where the drinking water in some areas might not be safe for human consumption.

To purify your water, use one teaspoon of bleach on 20-25 litres of water. Allow to stand for at least 30 minutes, preferably for two hours, before use. Always boil the water and let it cool down before drinking. It is very important to treat water from unprotected sources before drinking it or using it for cooking.