Mkhondo Municipality Hosted an Ingoma Event

Mkhondo Municipality Hosted an Ingoma Event
Mkhondo Municipality Hosted an Ingoma Event

As part of the celebrations of Heritage Day, the Mkhondo Municipality hosted an Ingoma event at the Sulphur Springs sports grounds on Sunday, the 25th of September.

“Ingoma” literally means “song” and is associated with different forms of traditional male group dances. It was a festive day indeed with people wearing all sorts of colourful, traditional attire. Councillor K.D. Masondo, from ward 15 in eMkhondo, addressed the audience by thanking the community for being proud of their heritage.

Councillors Thembi Khumalo and Thokozane Manana also gave words of encouragement to the people who attended the event as well as the participants in the Ingoma, wishing them the best of luck. There were 25 groups of dancers competing for the first prize, a whopping R10 000-00! The second prize was R8 000-00, third prize amounted to R5 000-00, fourth prize was R3 000-00 and the 5th prize R2 000-00.

Congratulations to the Shisaboys who danced their way to the first prize! The community members served a hearty cooked meal to all the attendants. The staff members from Mkhondo Municipality wish to thank everyone who participated in the event as well as all the community members who attended.

Heritage means that South Africans, across the spectrum, are encouraged to celebrate their culture and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions. One can say with all certainty that Mkhondo is most definitely very proud of their heritage!