Henk Nel Returns From England

Henk Nel Returns From England
Henk Nel

Recently, Henk Nel, a resident of Piet Retief. returned from England after representing Waterlooville Cricket Club in Hampshire.

Henk sent his information on to an agent, who then put it onto a system, where clubs could view the information. The agent then received offers from clubs and forwarded it to Henk. Henk received an offer from Waterlooville Cricket Club in Hampshire, England. He set off to England in April 2016, where he played for the club for about six months, until the end of their season. During the period that he played for the club, he managed to take an average of two wickets per game.

At the end of the season he then won the award for most wickets for the season. The Waterlooville Cricket Club participates in the Southern Premier Cricket League, which is in a league above South Africa’s Domestic League. He has now returned to South Africa and will be playing for the Piet Retief Cricket Club once again. The cricket season in England has now come to an end and Henk is waiting for the new season to hopefully receive new offers and head back abroad. Well done Henk, all of the best with your cricket future!