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Crime on the Increase

Crime on the Increase – According to the weekly police report, numerous crimes are rapidly on the increase.

Criminals are forcing doors and windows open to gain access to houses. Items such as clothing and groceries are in high demand. Is this a case of criminals being underage and underprivileged, because thieves are only, so it seems, looking for clothing and food? With the current residential burglary rate increasing, make sure that your home is well protected.

Adding burglar-proofing to your windows and security gates to your doors might slow a burglar down. There have also been reports of many fraudulent activities. Currently, the most popular fraud method is bank card theft at ATM’s. While a victim is standing at an ATM to draw money, a criminal will keep a watchful eye on the person.

Once his/her card has been inserted in the ATM the criminal will try and distract the person by telling them that they forgot their ATM slip or card. Being caught off guard, a lot of people will give way to the criminal and by doing so, give him/her access to the ATM. Never let anyone be of assistance to you at an ATM. In the event of something like this occurring, do not give way to the person distracting you. Make sure that you get your bank card back from the ATM at all times.

On Monday, the 26th of September, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery, Mr Bheki Cele, paid a visit to Mkhondo. The SAPS and Mr Cele donated a refrigerator and groceries to an elderly lady, Marieta Mdluli, who resides at Sgodi Phola. Thank you to everyone involved and for helping the elderly people from the community.

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