Vusi Msibi Reaches for the Stars

Vusi Msibi
Vusi Msibi

Most residents in Piet Retief know Vusi Msibi, either as an old friend, colleague or as a teacher at Piet Retief Primary School.

Vusi Msibi matriculated in 2007 at Piet Retief High School, after which he went on to teach at the Primary School. Vusi was always a great sportsman and excelled in all areas sports wise. He later adopted a passion for refereeing and is now set to reach new heights.

Vusi Msibi recently refereed a few matches at the U/18 Craven Week after he had to replace an injured referee. He says he enjoyed the experience and it was a true blessing for him. But now he has a chance to go a step further… Vusi has received word that he will be heading to Dubai in November to be assessed by the World Rugby Sevens Scouts. What a great achievement…

He was nominated by SARU to attend the HSBC tournament. If he is selected, Vusi will then be refereeing in one of the biggest tournaments in the world. He will be travelling all over the world and will even appear on television as an international referee! Vusi would like to thank the people from Piet Retief who has always stood by him and supported him in the place where his dream and journey began. Good luck, Vusi Msibi, go and make your supporters proud!