Transnet Launches Teenage Health Programme

Transnet Launches Teenage Health Programme
Transnet Launches Teenage Health Programme

The morning started off with a buzz off singing by teenage pupils as the busses arrived at the Kempville Hall on Friday, the 2nd of September.

Transnet recently launched a Teenage Health Programme which benefits Mlilo Combined school and Msinyane Secondary school in the Amsterdam circuit. The programme was facilitated by a mentor who, with the help of the school’s staff and resources, empowers over a 100 girls by educating them regarding essential life skills and development.

The event on 2 September, was opened in prayer by Thuli Lubisi, a representative from Transnet. A group of girls then went on stage and started to sing as a choir. These young ladies definitely have voices like angels! There were a few different discussions during the course of the morning. A representative from the Department of Health had a word with the girls about puberty and also about reproductive health.

Afterwards, constable Mkhalipi had a chance to speak to the audience about the dangers of drug abuse and gave them a few tips on crime prevention. Spokespersons from both the Department of Social Development and the Department of Education educated the girls about teenage pregnancies and their own well-being. Subjects such as low self-esteem were also discussed.

The girls were all gifted with backpacks, proudly sponsored by Transnet. The eventful day was ended with lovely refreshments for all to enjoy. Transnet’s representatives wish to thank each and every one who were involved in the launch of the Teenage Health Programme. Without everyone’s involvement, the day would not have been such a major success!