Spectacular Performance by McLaren Circus

mclaren circus
mclaren circus

The McLaren Circus came to visit Mkhondo during the weekend of 2-4 September, at the rugby club grounds.

It was surely a performance that should not have been missed! The show started off with an excellent performance by the lions and tigers. It amazes a person to see how those large, wild animals can perform tricks under the guidance of their trainer.

The show included fascinating acts of balancing skills, dancers who can jump through fire and even a couple where the woman changes clothing in only a few seconds … entertaining indeed. Visit their website

The clowns had the audience bawling with laughter throughout the show and the reptiles on display were not for the faint-hearted. It was quite mindboggling to see how the two experienced motorcyclists performed inside the “Globe of Death” steel ball – that being said, with the lovely Miss Charney standing inside as well.

Definitely an act for experienced individuals only! The community would like to thank the members of the McLaren Circus for yet another successful event. It is always a pleasure to visit one of your shows and everyone is looking forward to another visit from the McLaren Circus in the future!