“Nay” for Speed Bumps

“Nay” for Speed Bumps
“Nay” for Speed Bumps

Apparently, it looks like it will be “nay” for the speed bumps in Church – and Mark Street.

As published in the previous issue of the Excelsior News, community members are battling to decide whether the installation of the speed bumps are showing a positive or negative outcome. Recently, the speed bumps have been removed from Church Street (in front of Piet Retief Primary School) as well as in Mark Street, where a pedestrian crossing is situated as well.

As mentioned before, a spokesperson from the municpal offices explained that Mkhondo Municipality will give a press release regarding the matter. If one has a look at what is said on social media, it is clear that many residents are agreeing on the fact that the speed bumps are mainly being installed as a safety precaution. Then, what will the reason be for removing them? And what about damage caused to property in the surrounding areas due to vibration?

It is quite understandable that the installation of speed bumps in Mark Street are causing trucks, using the street, to brake heavily and cause vibrations which can lead to damage to property in the surrounding area. Surely, there must be a suitable solution? What about temporary speed bumps, which can be used while the children are using the pedestrian crossing and then be removed afterwards?

Or what about recycling the ones that have been removed now? They cannot be returned, because they have served a purpose, even if only for a short while. Anyone is welcome to make suggestions which may benefit, not only the schoolchildren, but it will also be an advantage to the residents living in the above mentioned areas.