Msinyane Celebrated Arbor Day

Arbor Day
Msinyane Secondary

A school by the name of Msinyane Secondary School, situated in Iswepe, celebrated Arbor Day this year by donating a staggering 24 trees to surrounding schools and facilities in their area.

Not many people still celebrate Arbor Day, but it is such a great initiative because without trees, there will be no life on earth.

They have donated these trees to a number of seven schools, including a crèche. Thank you for taking this initiative! Msinyane Secondary School is the master school of Eco Schools in the area and they have received a platinum certificate in school greening.

The aim behind the donation is to combat global warming and to help schools who wish to participate in “school greening” and the Eco School organisation. Not only did Msinyane donate all those trees, they also received a number of nine trees as a donation from Northern Natal Seedlings to plant at their own school.

Mr. Joseph Sithole, an Enviro educator at Msinyane, together with all the staff members wish to thank everyone involved in the donation of the trees. If community members could plant just one tree each, annually on Arbor Day, global warming will be something of the past. By taking a small step like this one, making a difference is definitely inevitable!

Certificates to Eco-schools

On Tuesday, 16 October, Mondi organised a meeting with various schools from Mkhondo, Paulpietersburg and Pongola to hand over certificates as proof that they form part of the eco-schools programme.

What does an “eco-school” mean? There are various projects concerning eco-schools such as the sustainability of electricity and water supply and how these essential resources can be saved.

“Greening” schools by means of planting trees and flowers as well as vegetable gardens are a vital part of eco-schools. Eco-school projects involve the schools’ communities and also how the communities in turn can benefit from the school.

Certificates to Eco-schools
Various schools received their certificates for being an ecoschool

Participation of learners and teachers are very important to ensure that the various eco-projects are being conducted sufficiently. Currently, the world is experiencing serious global warming and the effects of climate change are also being implemented in the eco-school projects.

They are working on preventative measures to minimize global warming, reduce waste, recycle and teach the learners about the dangers of starting fires. On the abovementioned date, various schools received their certificates to indicate that they are now considered as eco-schools.

These schools are looking forward to making a huge difference in their communities. It is very important to take care of our environment and be educated on the ever-changing effects that the world faces on a daily basis. Congratulations to all the participating schools for taking the next step in becoming ecofriendly!