Locals excel at National Eisteddfod

Locals excel at National Eisteddfod - Elné Labuschagne

Our town truly has talented youngsters. Last year more than 130 entries were received for the National Eisteddfod Academy’s Regional Showcase hosted by STAGEkidz, Mary Rowe’s Studio for Young Performers.

A number of learners received Diplomas which qualified them for the National Young Performers Showcase. The first round was held in March. The following contestants were selected to participate in the quarter finals in April: Elné Labuschagne and the HPR Blaasorkes from Piet Retief High School, Jonathan Rowe from STAGEkidz, and Thomas Fereira from Piet Retief Primary School.

The first regional Eisteddfod for Mkhondo was hosted by the Maranatha Thespians on Wednesday, the 7th of September!


With three venues running and three acclaimed adjudicators from the National Eisteddfod Academy, it was quite a busy, yet entertaining event. Over 90 items were judged on the day! The Eisteddfod is a national arts festival that encourages confidence building in dance, drama, music, vocal, public speaking and reading performances.

There is also an arts division which encourages photography and fine arts as well as sculpturing. Many schools were invited to participate in the event. Entries were received from Maranatha Thespians, Maranatha School, Alpha and Omega, Laerskool Amsterdam, Piet Retief High School, STAGEkidz, Marina Strauss’s Music Academy and Wittenberg Schule as well as from private individuals.

A lot of local talented children indeed! Performances by the Maranatha Thespians consisted of two full stage productions, The Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan, that was excellently performed and participants received gold certificates. Congratulations on spectacular performances!

Learners from Maranatha School who received diplomas for their performance in this year’s Eisteddfod
The First Eisteddfod, a Raging Success

Numerous items were entered by learners from Maranatha School and certificates as well as diplomas were received in the grades 1, 2 and 3 classes. Phenomenal performances were delivered by all the participants. Who knew that the small town of Mkhondo had so many golden, hidden talented children?

Congratulations to each and everyone who performed! Mrs Mary Rowe is inviting all schools and individuals who are interested in taking part in next year’s Eisteddfod to contact her by email at mvanwykrowe@ gmail.com