Eucaforest Celebrated Arbor Day

Eucaforest Celebrated Arbor Day
Eucaforest Celebrated Arbor Day

Staff members from Eucaforest celebrated Arbor Day on Thursday, the 8th of September, in Panbult, at the Phumula Village.

Two separate ceremonies were held. One was for the employees and included a tree naming competition. The second ceremony was held for the local community. A total of six fruit trees, including peach, apple and plum trees, were planted at the factory and another six fruit trees (of the same kind) were then planted at the Phumula Village.

Informational flyers were designed to portray the importance of trees to humankind. Important factors like shading, food, shelter to animals, the provision of oxygen and the prevention of soil erosion were all explained on the flyers. Staff members from Eucaforest built a fence to prevent animals from destroying the saplings and a community member was nominated to water the trees and keep the personnel from Eucaforest informed about the growth of the trees.

The community members’ reaction to this initiative was astounding. Everyone was interested in learning about the importance of trees and they are looking forward to planting more trees in the future. The community members would like to thank everyone from Eucaforest involved in making the celebration of Arbor Day a huge success.

Qhubekela Phambili (going forward)!