Emergency Services always quick to react

Emergency Services
Emergency Services

Although there have been a few accidents to report on this week, the Emergency Services are always quick to react and clear up the scene to make it safe for road users once more.

On Monday, 22 August, a truck driver was turning into KDH Bricks on the Ermelo road, when a passing driver apparently did not notice the truck turning and the vehicle then collided with the truck. One person was seriously injured and another sustained minor injuries.

On Tuesday, 23 August, an accident occurred whilst the driver of a vehicle was heading to Piet Retief, from Bethal.The cause of the incident is unknown, but it is assumed that the driver might have fallen asleep.

On Saturday, 27 August, there was some bumper bashing at the Total Garage. The cause of the accident is unfortunately still unknown and no further information is currently available.

On Sunday, 28 August, the driver of a truck was driving on the Paulpietersburg road, when the driver allegedly made a Uturn, blocking the entire road. The driver of a vehicle could not pass as there was no space and ended up colliding with the truck. Five people were seriously injured, of which one tragically passed away in hospital.