Borussia Commondale Football Project

Borussia Commondale
Borussia Commondale

Borrussia Commondale was formed and registered to reach out to the men and youth in the community, by using football as a tool to tap into their passion for sport.

Over the past years, the rural farming community of Commondale has been severely affected by both the HIV and TB pandemic. Project Thol’ulwazi Thol’impilo, brought in peer educators that are providing HIV/Aids counselling, as well as blood tests to the community of Commondale. However, they face the challenge of many members not getting tested or adhering to advice for treatment.

Borussia Commondale currently collaborates with the following organisations: Thol’ulwazi Thol’impilo HIV/AIDS Education for Farm Communities, Highveld East Aids Project Support, Right to Care and Mkhondo Local Football Association. In April 2016, TWK Vumbuka Trust, sponsored Borussia Commondale with brand new training equipment for the youth.

TWK Vumbuka Trust and Borussia Commondale are working together to ensure that the whole area is recognised and can bring hope, education, talent and so forth. The Borussia Commondale Project has also partnered with the Borussia Commondale Booster Club from Dortmund, Germany. The Borussia Commondale Booster Club has also worked hard in obtaining jackets, t-shirts and toys from the Borussia Dortmund Football Club, as well as the Dortmund Fan Project.

These jackets, T-shirts and toys are distributed in and around the Commondale area, to old and even disadvantaged members of the community. The Burussia Commondale team have also recently received sponsored jackets from Germany.