Acknowledgement to staff of Youth Care Centre


For this week’s pearls of the community, we give acknowledgement to the staff members from Uzwelo Child and Youth Care Centre.

Without a doubt, these ladies are angels, sent from heaven to care, love and protect the orphaned children. Being a “mother” to an orphaned child takes patience, skill and pure love for a child. Most of the time, these ladies are standing in for an absent parent and they have to fulfil the duties of a mother or a father.

A short quote from an orphaned child to a careworker reads as follows: “For she made me feel like I owned the world; a boy on the throne. As she gave me shelter, warmth, clothes and food of her own. But it was her love that she gave me from which I was saved. Love that was honest, love that was beautiful, and love that I craved.” Thank you to all the staff members from Uzwelo Child and Youth Care Centre together with the different divisions of Uzwelo, such as Uroc, for making a difference in these children’s lives.

Sometimes, a person does not always get the recognition they deserve for the things they do and that is indeed why all these beautiful ladies are silent pearls of the community. Always remember, the Lord blessed you with two hands. One hand to receive with and the other to give with!