Pastor, Teacher, Rugby Coach, Theologian

Pastor, Teacher, Rugby Coach, Theologian
Pastor, Teacher, Rugby Coach, Theologian

Pastor Gerrit Abrahams, teacher and rugby coach at the Piet Retief high School and pastor of the Lighthouse Cell Church Ministries in Retiefville, recently completed his master’s studies in theology.

In spite of all his achievements, Pastor Abrahams does not readily give in to being interviewed – he is very humble. He grew up in Ashton in the Western Cape and was involved with the congregation of the “VGK” (Verenigende Gereformeerde Kerk/ Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa) there, as a young man. In January 2004 Gerrit and his family (wife Liz and three beautiful daughters) relocated to the then Piet Retief where he joined the “VGK” Retiefville as a missionary. He has, however, never stopped studying …

Gerrit Gerrit Abrahams is well-known to all at the Piet Retief High School as Mr Abrahams, where he teaches Afrikaans and Life Orientation. He is also assistant coach for the first rugby team, together with Mr Albert Schlebusch. As a resident teacher in the hostel, his school duties include hostel duty. For his present congregation he will always remain Pastor Abrahams.

These people seem to know what it means and feels like when serving the Lord, having peace and being blessed, become a reality. They are currently building their own new church – a building already at adding-the-roofstage. They intend consecrating the church during December 2016. Although he has an extremely busy schedule, being full time teacher as well as pastor including everything both these occupations entail, he has completed various degrees in theology: B.Th. (2013), B. Hon. (2014) and M. Th. (14 April 2016) as a student of the Antioch Theological Seminaries Africa (Whose study notes he is currently translating into Afrikaans).

He received his M. Th. on the day after his daughter, Andrea, was crowned as Miss 7 Continents. What a wonderful midweek the Abrahams family had then! Gerrit Abrahams has a passion for people. He finds all the above challenges very satisfying. Although he has been offered jobs at bigger congregations, he has turned them down, saying Retiefville is where he belongs! Above all, he is also pastor of his own family, including a lovely grandchild – another little girl for the Abrahams family.

He wants to make use of this opportunity to thank everybody who contributed financially to make Andrea’s trip to Turkey (for the Miss 7 Continents pageant) possible. Your love is sincerely appreciated. This man, who emits absolute serenity and peace while being interviewed, is now working on his Th.D. (theology doctorate) – soon he might be known as Dr Abrahams.