Amsterdam Community Honours Mandela Day

Amsterdam Community Honours Mandela Day

On Monday, 18 July, members of the Amsterdam Community took on the task of helping a resident for Mandela Day.

The Amsterdam Department of Social Development identified Mr Zulu as someone who was in need of some help. Mr Zulu is a resident in Amsterdam who lives in a mud house that he had built himself. The house is very small and Mr Zulu has split it into a bedroom and small tuck shop to try and make a living.

On Monday, 18 July, members of the Amsterdam Social Development Department, Agricultural Department, Environmental Department, C.W.P., SAPS and Mkhondo Municipal Cllr Miss Nkambule, gathered at Mr Zulu’s house to assist him.

The members got to cleaning the property, fixing the fencing and setting up a small produce garden for him. Although they were supposed to give 67 minutes, the team spent most of the day there to ensure that everything was done. The different departments also donated seedlings for the produce garden and some supplies for Mr Zulu to use at home.

The Department of Social Development also mentioned that they will be supplying some tools to help him with his small business and that they will be looking at repairing his house’s structure as well. A huge thank you to all the members who participated in the day to make a positive change.