Local Elections

Excelsior News - Letter to Editor
Excelsior News - Letter to Editor

Dear Mr Editor. As we draw near to the day of the Local Elections we see and will still see new tricks from political parties.

The first one that amazes me is the statement from the EFF where they promise to give free electricity and water to all unemployed people. What a lovely promise that is and many unemployed will think that this is a genuine promise and will believe that Malema can do this. I wonder if he has ever been truthful in his life. Of course the EFF do not say how they will compensate Eskom for this free issue and also who will be considered as unemployed. Will this also apply to the foreigners living in our country?

Their promises and many statements to their gullible supporters are so far fetched and impossible but Malema and leaders do not care so long as they can mislead the poor, gullible and unemployed of our land. What a shame this is! Then we have the Freedom Front Plus with their advertisement in last week’s Excelsior telling us that some unknown person who supported a certain political party in Krugersdorp has now relocated to Mpumalanga and decided to change his political allegiance and wants voters to support him and his new political party.

Does nobody realise that anybody who makes a change in their lives will always be able to justify, in their mind, their move even if the facts are distorted. Of course he does not tell us how he and his new party will be able to change anything in Mpumalanga and how they would like to see these changes made or even the policy of his new party. Some time ago there was a serving councillor from FF+ in the Mkhondo Council and apart from drawing a salary every month he never made a statement that justified his position as a Councillor in supporting his party’s policies or even his fellow supporters.

The same situation existed in the Gert Sibande District Council and for that matter in Parliament too. We live in South Africa and therefore a political party must strive to do what is good and right for all inhabitants of our land and not have political aspirations to suit just a singular minority group. We all know what a disaster the ANC has been as the leading party in our municipality and therefore their track record of incompetence speaks for it-self and I don’t need to mention their promises at all.

I support the Democratic Alliance and I sincerely hope that all inhabitants of Mkhondo will think carefully about the present and future of our country and also vote for the DA, lest we become like “Zim-bob-we”. Regards, Rob Wilson 082 452 4121