Accidents decreasing dramatically


The last few weeks have gone by with the number of serious accidents decreasing dramatically.

Although accidents do tend to happen now and again, the number has drastically decreased with the majority only being minor incidents. On Tuesday, 19 July, the driver of a Toyota Hilux was heading towards Ermelo when the driver lost control after one of the vehicle’s tyres had apparently burst.

The Hilux landed on its side, but luckily there were no injuries.It seems as if the driver of a vehicle hit the back of a tractor’s trailer that was in front of him, on Wednesday, 20 July. The cause of the accident is still unknown, with no injuries to report. On Saturday, 23 July, in Church Street, close to Sasol Garage, the driver of a vehicle apparently didn’t notice any oncoming traffic and as the driver pulled away, a small bakkie appeared and the two vehicles then collided.

Two people sustained only minor injuries.The driver of a truck was heading towards Pongola, on Sunday, 24 July, when the trailer apparently detached, spilling the load of logs all over the road. The cause of the accident is still unclear and with no injuries were reported.