DA Reaches Out to the Youth of Amsterdam

The DA Reaches Out to the Youth of Amsterdam on 16 June 2016
The DA Reaches Out to the Youth of Amsterdam on 16 June 2016

The DA arranged a meeting with the youth of Amsterdam to discuss matters concerning their lives and issues that worry them, on Youth Day, 2016.

The youth of today is not free, they are being depressed and silenced by the ruling party – is this not exactly what the uprising in 1976 was about . . . freedom? This was the message given to the youth of Amsterdam by the DA Constituency Chairperson, Councillor Jabu Methula on Thursday, the 16th of June, 2016.

It is very clear that the young people of today do not want to be silent any longer. They do not want empty promises and a guarantee of service delivery that never sees the light of day. These individuals want to be heard. They have a voice… According to Councillor Methula, there are a number of concerning factors that is conveniently being forgotten about or dismissed by the ruling party.

Issues such as umemployment rates under the youth of South Africa. The ruling party does not appoint individuals locally, but from outside areas. In the event that they do employ locally, it will only be on a three to six months basis – but what happens after that period has lapsed? Another concerning factor is the lack of investors in South Africa.

There are no more investors willing to invest in the country as a result of numerous reasons. The DA has assured the visitors that they will arrange various investors to turn back to South Africa. Unavailability of residential sites is another concern of the community. There are no residential sites available for the residents of Amsterdam. The general condition of the town of Amsterdam is in dire straits.

Water and infrastructure, for example, throughout the town are in a terrible state. It seems that the town of Amsterdam has surely been forgotten… The youth is turning to substance abuse and drug use, a very alarming factor that needs urgent attention. More needs to be done about all these issues arising from the community.

The DA ensured these individuals that, by making the right choice and placing your vote on the 3rd of August 2016, a difference can be made and not all is lost (as it seems currently). Irene Brussow