rPET Product Name Competition Winner

rPET Product Name Competition Winner
rPET Product Name Competition Winner

When Mpact launched their new recycled rPET raw material operation, they had to decide on a name for it …

A survey was sent out requesting Mpact employees to enter a name for the new recycled PET raw material operation. rPET is Mpact’s R350-million state-of-the-art polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling operation in Wadeville, Germiston, which produces recycled PET (rPET) plastic for food grade packaging.)

The judging panel, comprising John Hunt, Neelin Naidoo, Ushan Naidoo, Nthabiseng Chapeshamano and Donna-Mari Noble, had an interesting time deciding on the winning name. An overwhelming response and some really creative entries had been received. The winning entry came from Elbie Meyer (Ballantyne) from Springs Overboard, Corrugated Division. She had entered the name Savuka. Savuka means “revived, given another chance, coming alive”.

According to management, the name “captures more than what the product promises. It also encapsulates our country’s diversity, culture and vibrancy. It is a proudly South African product produced by Mpact, a proudly South African company”. Elbie, who grew up in rural KwaZulu-Natal, knows the Zulu language very well. She says the word “savuka” is very relevant in life, also her own. She was a given a second chance in life after cancer, through God’s grace, and says she is now “revived and stronger.”

According to Chief executive officer, Bruce Strong, “Mpact’s rPET, which has now been branded Savuka PET, was formally declared safe for use in the packaging of food and beverage products, in September 2015, having complied with the European Union (EU) regulations specific to plastic materials and articles intended for contact with foodstuffs. The PET recycling process used by Mpact Polymers transforms used PET bottles into resin that meets the needs of the most demanding food and beverage packaging applications,” says John Hunt, Managing Director at Mpact Recycling.

The rPET polymers plant provides a required product while reducing the amount of PET being disposed of in landfill sites. Although Elbie was announced the winner of the Mpact Polymers naming competition on 26 November last year, the process of registering Savuka as an Mpact Limited trademark was only completed and launched on Tuesday, 10 May 2016. Therefore the media had to wait before making the “news” public. Elbie, previously from Piet Retief and whose mother (Elsie), brother and children are still residing here, received a R 1 000-00 gift voucher and featured in an issue of Pack- Age, the Mpact newsletter. Congratulations, Elbie, on choosing something so permanent!